About Us

Meet Our Lead Instructors

Nick Johnson

Nick Johnson is a freelance video editor currently residing in Fairfax, VA. He began learning videography in 2015 during the course of his studies at George Mason University, where he later graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Film and Video Studies. Since graduating, Nick has worked on a range of  projects, including narrative short films and online promotional media. He is always seeking new projects with the aim to inspire and to defy convention.

Jason San Souci

Jason San Souci has been a remote sensing scientist for 18 years. He is a graduate of the US Air Force Academy with a Master of Engineering in Space Operations from the University of Colorado. He is an FAA Part 107 Remote Pilot, Certified GIS Professional, AUVSI Certified Trusted Operator, Level 3 Thermographer, and “Do You Know Drones?” Podcast Host. At Blue Nose, Jason is the Drone Applications SME with over 1000 drone missions over the past 8 years.

Andrew Kelley

Andrew Kelley is an outdoor photographer specializing in Colorado and the West. A longtime resident of Denver, he grew up photographing in Rocky Mountain National Park and the Rockies with his dad. He’s spent countless days hiking and camping in the mountains and the marvelous, unpopulated prairies in northern Colorado. Today, he owns a fine art photography business and enjoys spending time with his wife, two teenage children, rock climbing, hiking, collecting an idiosyncratic assortment of things, and reading science fiction.